How many times have you found yourself suffering from room envy when you watch the TV? There’s contemporary room envy, classical room envy, minimalist room envy … the list goes on. I tend to get my green moments mostly when I’m looking at rooms of a rustic nature. A good rustic interior can strike the perfect balance between ruggedness and comfort. I’m always blown away by the way that natural elements complement clever use of a space to create an unrefined charm. How is that achieved? Funny you should ask. Here are a few ideas. If you have any of your own, tell us about them, will you?

The starting point for me is the colour palette. Natural colours are the perfect base when it comes to rustic interiors. Neutral browns, greys and greens are commonly used within a rustic home setting, helping to create warmth. The colour palette is generally designed from the flatter shades that match a room’s textured elements, like upholstery, floor coverings and curtains, but the rustic look usually takes its inspiration from more natural materials, such as wood, stone and leather.

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The unwritten rule for furniture is that simple works best. Natural materials are the main focus here, with design and form being somewhat secondary. More contemporary interiors favour a more minimalist look; small sofas and even smaller tables. The rustic way favours the bold; big, comfy sofas and oversized tables. I think that’s why I like it so much. It’s warm and comforting. It’s really inviting.

It’s often quite difficult to find the right feel with the furniture. Don’t be afraid to look in upholsterers’ workshops, or even second-hand and charity shops. You might be surprised at what you might find … and also who you might find in them! These places sometimes have some cracking pieces. The connection to the past that these items could afford you could really boost the charm of your room. It’s also quite good fun shopping around for furniture with character, and if you find something you like that’s a bit knackered, take it to the upholsterer and get it restored.

You knew it was coming, and I’d hate to disappoint. What good is an article about home interiors from a hardwood floorer that doesn’t mention flooring? None! So if you’re committed to achieving your ideal rustic look, you really need to consider a change in flooring. Whatever goes underfoot needs to follow the same natural theme as the rest of the room. Stone, tile and wood are all good options, but, as you might expect, I’m going to champion the wood. It’s warmer than the others, offers wonderful grains and organic patternation and is just as easy to maintain as stone and tile when it’s been laid correctly. Solid or engineered wood flooring is the most efficient, boasting a huge variety of types, shades, colours and grains. All of these factors, complete with the naturally occurring knots will add to your room’s character.

A rustic interior is all about making the most of natural elements within your homely, comforting space. It can include a variety of differing design elements, also being forgiving enough to allow modern features in moderation. Just breath in and find that balance. It’s not too easy to pin down an exact style when it comes to rustic. As long as you get within striking distance though, you should end up with an authentic and charming result. You just need to find what works for you.