Engineered Wood Flooring London

Add a high end finish to your property with our stunning Engineered Wood Flooring range

If you are looking to complete a high-end premium renovation project why not contact our team at CK Flooring and see why we have the best range of Engineered Wood Flooring London has available!

Our Engineered Wood Flooring is available in a wide range of colours, from soft and subtle lighter tones complete with delicate grainy patterns up to dark vibrant colours perfect for creating a striking focal point. Whatever you decide, the Engineered Wood Flooring range is sure to create the wow-factor in any property.

Like other hardwoods within our portfolio, our Engineered Wood Flooring is perfect for customers looking to utilise a stylish yet incredibly durable design. The wood has been engineered to allow for a much more hard-wearing product. It is so hard-wearing that the flooring has been used in restaurants, shops and impressively, sports halls!

Engineered Wood Flooring London: Why Choose Us?
Our Engineered Wood Flooring customers will also be aware that over time, the boards mellow and produce a stunning golden hue, perfect for those looking to add character to a property.

As stated above, the boards are available in a variety of styles, sizes and colours and will cater for any modern or traditional setting, such is its versatility.

Should you have any questions regarding our Engineered Wood Flooring, wish to obtain a quote or simply wish to speak with a CK Flooring team member, please contact us on 0208 819 3186.

Let Us Show You How a Engineered Wood Floor Would Enhance Your Home

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