Illegal Trade is Killing the Planet

Here at CK Flooring, we pride ourselves that all of the wood we use is ethically sourced. Obviously, this issue is incredibly important to us due to our dependence upon the material. We’re also really conscious of the environmental issues caused by deforestation and other immoral activities.

Around 30% of the Earth’s landmass is covered by forests and jungles. The work that these trees do every second of every day keeps the oxygen levels of our planet’s atmosphere perfectly balanced for every living thing on it. Not only this, but they also act as a filter to remove the harmful gases that human activity causes. It’s fairly plain to see then that without a good covering of trees, we’re in trouble.

According to a recent National Geographic report on deforestation, a forested area larger than the size of South Africa has been removed within the last thirty years, and all without being replaced. Millions and millions of trees are being chopped down so that we can have new houses, kitchens, paper and floors. This latter would worry us the most if it wasn’t for the fact that we don’t use any wood that isn’t replaced. Not only are we in danger, but there’s also the extinction of indigenous forest animals that’s happening every day.

Even certain tree species are in danger of extinction. One such is the Madagascan Rosewood, which has had a strict preservation order on it for several years now. This doesn’t, unfortunately, stop the illegal, black-market trade in this incredible material. It’s such a shame that this wood has been so abused so that we can’t use it any more, as it really does look spectacular. You’ll be glad to know that CK Flooring will never lay this wood on any floor – no matter who owns it! But there are some rather impressive alternatives, however. Why don’t you get in touch so we can go through the options?